MOJLC, the Club, promotes safe play in an environment that teaches children hard work and dedication are rewarded on and off the field. The club does not select players at tryouts, all children are equally entitled to play. The sport lends itself to a philosophy that promotes teamwork. A competitive team needs every player on the field to play hard and recognize that his/her role on the team is important, regardless of the position played. The Club embraces the mantra of the Positive Coaching Alliance and expects to offer every player the opportunity to demonstrate his/her highest quality of play.

MOJLC Boys’ Division is a member of the New Jersey Junior Lacrosse League, the largest sanctioned state lacrosse organization in the 50 states. As members of the NJJLL, the Club is also subscribes to the rules and policies of US Lacrosse, the national governing affiliate of lacrosse play at all levels.


MOJLC Girls’ Division maintains membership with the New Jersey Junior Girls Lacrosse League, which is affiliated with the New Jersey Chapter of U.S. Lacrosse, also known as the New Jersey Lacrosse Foundation. In 2004 they had 5,700 players and 500 coaches in the league representing four conferences supporting 54 town programs.

All Club coaches are certified through either Rutgers Safety certification, the National Youth Sports Coaching Association, as well as he Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). As a part of yearly registration costs, players will become US Lacrosse members receiving the benefits of belonging to a national lacrosse organization.


Our Mission

It is the intent of the Club to instill in our players, parents, coaches, and directors, the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect.  The Club is determined to teach poise and character to all of those involved as it relates to activities occurring on and off the field of play and to build healthier bodies and stronger minds while teaching children about fair play and sportsmanship.